Inconveniences & Adventures

It’s been over a year since this blog saw a new post. In a way it feels like yesterday when I was writing my last review. I still remember sitting at Harbinger Coffee, my favorite shop here in town, finishing up and hitting publish on that post.

That was the middle of January…

At the end of January… I got a call saying I was going to be losing my job.

Six weeks later… my husband lost his job.

Six weeks after that… we found out we were pregnant.

There’s a quote I have loved for many years and held onto in seasons of transition:

An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.

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One Zero One: Written Review

One Zero One - Review
Every now and then you find a company that completely catches you by surprise – one that you feel perfectly aligns with you in every way. It’s rare, but when it happens it feels like magic. Recently that happened to me with Grail Games.

I discovered them first with a game called Matcha, a 2-player card game about making and serving tea. (2-player game + card game + tea. See? Right up my alley. Clearly this relationship was meant to be.)

I reached out to David to see about reviewing some of their games because I loved Matcha so much. He was kind enough to send me a copy of One Zero One.


One Zero One is also a 2-player card game, similar to Matcha. In this game, you and your opponent are living in the world of computer programming. It’s an abstract strategy game where you’re battling to collect the most points when the computer program runs.

One Zero One was designed by David Harding and published by Grail Games.

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Extra Life 2015


Once a year, gamers all over the world come together to play games… for the kids!

Extra Life is a 24 hour event that brings together gamers of all types: board gamers, video gamers, RPGers – heck, even lawn gamers. If it’s a game in pretty much any way shape or form, it counts. The concept is really simple:

  1. Raise money to play games.
  2. Play said games.
  3. All of the money goes to help sick children.

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Game of the Month: October 2015

October Game of the Month
Hey guys! Welcome to a brand new series here on nanoanno :)

Well, technically, this series has been going on for a while over on the Dice Tower, but this is my first month to join in on the action.

Here’s the deal: Once a month, various contributors of the Dice Tower all collaborate on a video letting the world know which game is their Best Game of the Month. Each segment is one minute or less, so you end up with a quick snapshot of several excellent games.

So, which game did I pick for my first game of the month?

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Weekly Replay: October 26 – November 1, 2015

This week involved three different games… but many, many plays of two of them.

Two new games in the Boardgame Corner review queue are The Last Spike and Queen’s Necklace. One of the things I love most about reviewing new games is that sometimes you find a diamond in the rough. A publisher sends you a game to review, you’ve never heard of it, and then BAM it blows you away. Spoiler alert: That happened for one of these two games.

Other than that it was a special Halloween play of Mysterium, which seemed quite fitting for the holiday.

Read on for my thoughts on these three games, all of which are making their first appearance on the blog. Or check out the archive for previous weekly replays.

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Weekly Replay: October 19-25, 2015

This week’s Weekly Replay is going to feel quite boring compared to the last. Not only did I only play two different games this week, I also mentioned both of them in last week’s Weekly Replay.

Pandemic Legacy took the stage as far as gaming goes this week. Other than that it was an evening of Tiny Epic Galaxies.

Read on for details about these two games and check out the archive if you’re looking for a little something more.

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Joining Boardgame Corner


Once a year, Geek & Sundry hosts a world-wide event known as TableTop Day.


For the 2015 celebration, Jacob and I headed to The Haunted Game Cafe (HGC) to celebrate with fellow gamers. One of the events held that day was a King of New York tournament. We’re both huge fans of King of Tokyo, so we were excited to participate and give New York a shot.


Mark and Randy, from Boardgame Corner, were participating as well and we ended up playing the tournament game with Mark (Randy was at another table). We had a blast and talked quite a bit about The Dice Tower and the games they were working on reviewing.

After the tournament game was over, we played one more game of King of New York and then went our separate ways.

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Triple Weekly Replay: September 28 – October 18, 2015

I took a small break from the Weekly Replays as I travelled back to Indiana for some time with family and friends. Catching up to speed, here’s a triple Weekly Replay… with some bonus quotes sprinkled throughout.

The week before we left I only played one game: Dead of Winter.

The week we were in Indiana, however, was filled with some favorites: Splendor, Jaipur, Adventure Time Love LetterThe Grizzled, and Fluxx w/ Fluxx Dice.

This past week was all about the new games: Thunder Alley, Tiny Epic Galaxies… and, of course, the long awaited Pandemic Legacy.

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