Weekly Replay: September 14-20, 2015

Weekly Replay September 14-20, 2015
This week involved a few new or new-ish games (Adventure Time Fluxx, Posthuman, & Sylvion) as well as one tried and true game (Pandemic). Read on for a mini replay of each game and to see if any of these games might be a good fit for you.

If you missed last week’s weekly replay, you can read all about it right here. Check back next week to see which games I end up playing this week.

Adventure Time Fluxx

Monday evening I made pumpkin muffins. And what goes well with pumpkin muffins? Adventure Time Fluxx. Mainly because the muffins were in the oven for 20 minutes, and fingers crossed you can get one (and maybe even two if you’re lucky) games of Fluxx played in that amount of time.

Fluxx is a game of pretty much 100% unpredictability. The goal of the game changes throughout the game. The rules of the game change throughout the game. The number of cards you draw and the number of cards you play even changes. But that’s what makes Fluxx so great. You read the cards and do what they say – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but I pretty much always have fun.

There are many different versions of Fluxx, but being a fan of the show Adventure Time, I was pretty stoked when Loonely Labs sent us this version to review. Sneak peak of my review: It’s mathematical!

You might like Adventure Time Fluxx…

  • If you like the show Adventure Time. (If you don’t like the show Adventure Time, I can almost guarantee you that you will be so confused and probably not enjoy it as much as you might another version.)
  • If you like randomness and craziness and complete unpredictability.
  • If you are a Fluxx collector and must own/play every version in print.

Adventure Time Fluxx


After pumpkin muffins were out of the oven, Jacob and I snuggled up on the couch with the iPad. I don’t often play game apps, but the Pandemic app on iOS is a solid choice if you’re looking for a nice co-op game experience, but don’t want to set up the board and shuffle the cards.

Per the usual, Jacob was the medic and I was the scientist. We played on heroic mode this time… and we won! We found cures for all four diseases. Yay saving the world!

(PS: If board game apps are something you’re interested in, you should definitely follow Suzanne. She’s the queen of board game apps and is super friendly too.)

You might like Pandemic…

  • If you like cooperative games.
  • If you you like saving the world as a theme in board games.
  • If you like the board game but are looking for a faster/easier to sit on the couch version.

IMG_2345 2


Posthuman is Kickstarter game that will be shipped to backers next month. Mark met up with Sean Brown from Mr. B Games last week and was able to snag a copy for us to review. Saturday evening was our first game with all three of us playing together. While it’s definitely a game with a steep learning curve and slightly outside of the games I’m typically drawn to (read: long/intense/campaign-like), I still had a great time.

In Posthuman, essentially you’re a human survivor trying to be the first one to make it to the last known fortress of safety and community. Nature is reclaiming the planet and mutant offspring are trying to eradicate all remaining humans. Throughout the game, you will be moving along tiles going through cities, mountains, woods, and farms. On your way to the safe zone, you’ll run into mutants you must battle. Throughout your battles you gain scars and if you end up with too many scars, you could even turn into a mutant yourself.

You might like Posthuman…

  • If you’re into post-apocalyptic themes in games.
  • If the idea of turning against and attacking the other players sounds appealing to you.
  • If you like racing games that involve tons of choices/events/challenges + other things.

IMG_2387Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.17.56 PM


When your husband is out of town for the weekend, that’s the perfect opportunity to play a solitaire game. While the majority of my weekend was spent working on the blog and drinking delicious coffee and tea, I was super excited to finally play the solo game Sylvion.

Sylvion is set in the Oniverse, created by Shadi Torbey with gorgeous artwork from Élise Plessi. Like the first game in the Oniverse, Onirim, this game comes in a very nice box with custom insert, a few decks of cards as well as expansion decks, and a spectacular rule book. Instead of fighting nightmares like in Onirim, this time you are fighting a raging fire that is attempting to burn down the forest. I love Onirim and thus far I think I will love Sylvion just the same. (Bonus: Another game in the Oniverse, Castillion, will be released at Essen in just a few weeks.)

You might like Sylvion…

  • If you like solitaire games.
  • If you liked the game Onirim.
  • If you like crazy/awesome artwork in card games.

FullSizeRender 2 IMG_2410

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