Fluxx Dice: Written Review

Last week I published a written review of Fluxx, one of my most favorite card games. This week I want to take a look at an expansion for FluxxFluxx Dice. How do you take an already awesome game and make it even better? Is it possible? Did they do it?


Fluxx Dice is an expansion that is compatible with the base game of Fluxx as well as every other version currently in print (except Fluxx The Board Game). The expansion comes with two dice and five cards. It doesn’t sound like much, but these tiny tweaks to the game can have a huge impact on the game play.

Fluxx Dice was designed by Andrew Looney and published by Looney Labs.


Image Credit: Looney Labs

How to Play

The goal of the game in Fluxx is to be the first player to accomplish the goal. While the goal of the game is the same with Fluxx Dice, the ways in which you get there are slightly altered.

(Read this post for an overview of how to play the original game.)

Instead of following the Draw __ and Play __ rules throughout the game, players will roll dice on every turn to determine how many cards they will be drawing and playing. Your six options for each dice are the following:

Draw Die: Draw 1, Draw 2, Draw 3, Draw 4, Draw 5, Draw 6

Play Die: Play 1, Play 2, Play 3, Play 4, Play All, Play All -1

All of the Draw __ and Play __ cards in the deck are considered to be Action cards rather than Rule cards when playing with Fluxx Dice. You can now use these cards to override the dice. Once you use the card, it goes into the discard pile, just like a typical Action card would.

Using the dice to determine the Draw and Play numbers is a “new rule” that is in play at the start of the game. This rule can be removed using a card such as the Rules Reset or Trash Something. If at any point in the game that happens, the traditional Draw and Play cards go back to being Rule cards (until the Dice Override rule is put back into play).

(If that sounds somewhat confusing, basically what you need to know is that you can play with dice if you want and you can play with cards if you want – all in the same game. It’s not a one-or-the-other type of situation. Just like in every other game of Fluxx, you make and change the rules throughout the game.)


What did I think of the expansion?

I love, love, LOVE Fluxx Dice. In fact, there’s a good chance that I will use this expansion pretty much every time I play Fluxx going forward.

How do you take an already awesome game and make it even-more-super-awesome?

Like this:

I’m not entirely sure how they did it… but they definitely did!

The two dice and the five cards really add a lot to the game. They change the flow the game, and for the better, I think. That’s why I’m giving Fluxx Dice 4 out of 4 corners.

Art 3.0

The art in Fluxx Dice is pretty on par with the art in all of the other Fluxx games. The colors on the sidebars of the cards are right in line with the original game: yellow = rules, blue = actions, etc.

My one and only complaint about Fluxx Dice is that I wish the letters & numbers were engraved on the dice, rather than being printed on top of flat sides. While it hasn’t happened yet, I fear that the text will easily rub off the more the dice are used.

Rules 4.0

I really like how Fluxx Dice augments the traditional Draw and Play rules of the game. It’s one small change that has a huge impact.

The dice and the new rules integrate seamlessly with the base game, whether you’re playing the Batman version, the Christmas version, or the original game.

Learning 3.5

Learning how to use the dice is pretty easy if you’re familiar with the base game. Once you grasp the concept that you will be rolling every turn, the only other thing you need to consider is that the Draw & Play cards are now considered Action cards.

Everything else is just like the base game.

Theme 4.0

The extra cards that come in Fluxx Dice add a theme of “luck” to the game. Pretty fitting, I think.

Roll For It: An action card that allows you to roll the dice and do something extra.
Lucky Charm: Keeper that let’s you add an extra number when you don’t roll doubles.
Bad Luck: Creeper that prevents you from rolling the Play die… until you have the Lucky Charm or someone else rolls doubles.

Replayability 4.0

Like I said above, I think I’ll use Fluxx Dice pretty much every time I play Fluxx going forward. It integrates with any version of Fluxx and works so well – why not?

From the very first play, it feel like the game is rolling… no pun intended :)

Uptime 3.5

I think that adding this expansion actually increases player uptime. It keeps the game from feeling stagnant at the beginning with only Draw 1, Play 1… and it also keeps the game from feeling like it takes forever when it’s Draw 5, Play All.

While the Surprise cards are still the real winner for the Uptime category, the dice definitely keep things moving between players and turns.


The likes…

  • I like that this is an actual expansion (meaning you can play it with almost any version), rather than just a new version of the game.
  • I love how it speeds up the game from the very beginning.
  • Even though it only includes two dice and five cards, I think it’s well worth the $11 price point because of how much it added value it brings.

And dislikes…

  • I really wish the dice were engraved. It’s a small desire, but I think it will make the game last longer as far as wear and tear go.

Fluxx… a great game in and of itself, and an even more amazing game when paired with Fluxx Dice. If you’re a fan of Fluxx, like I am, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of this little expansion.

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