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Once a year, Geek & Sundry hosts a world-wide event known as TableTop Day.


For the 2015 celebration, Jacob and I headed to The Haunted Game Cafe (HGC) to celebrate with fellow gamers. One of the events held that day was a King of New York tournament. We’re both huge fans of King of Tokyo, so we were excited to participate and give New York a shot.


Mark and Randy, from Boardgame Corner, were participating as well and we ended up playing the tournament game with Mark (Randy was at another table). We had a blast and talked quite a bit about The Dice Tower and the games they were working on reviewing.

After the tournament game was over, we played one more game of King of New York and then went our separate ways.

A game giveaway to reconnect us

Fast forward a few weeks when Boardgame Corner was running a contest for a new pick-up-and-deliver game called Ophir.

It was right around the time of my birthday. I had my eye on the game for a few weeks and it was definitely on my birthday wish list. I decided to enter the contest and to not purchase the game until after the contest was over… I’m glad I did, because I won!

boardgame-corner-ophir-winner-nanoanno boardgame-corner-ophir-winner-reply-nanoanno

Since we all live in Fort Collins, we decided to meet up at HGC to celebrate and play a game of Ophir all together.


Playing games for upcoming reviews

While playing Ophir, Mark mentioned that they were looking for people to play games with to prepare for their upcoming reviews. Being a person who always loves to learn new games, I happily offered to help them play some of the games in their current queue.

That next week we met to play Lift Off, a recently released Kickstarter game from Eduardo Baraf. We had a blast and thus began our weekly Wednesday evenings of gaming.


Joining the team

After a few weeks of weekly gaming, Mark and Randy asked me to join their team. I was loving our weekly game nights and was happy to join in on the reviews as well.

They made an official announcement at GenCon during the Dice Tower live show.


Mark gave me the game Meteor as my first game to review. Unfortunately, I didn’t totally dig the game… but that’s okay :)


Since then, we’ve played dozens of games together, posted one review with all three of us, and made many plans for the future of Boardgame Corner.

I’m loving being a part of the team and am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity.


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