Triple Weekly Replay: September 28 – October 18, 2015

I took a small break from the Weekly Replays as I travelled back to Indiana for some time with family and friends. Catching up to speed, here’s a triple Weekly Replay… with some bonus quotes sprinkled throughout.

The week before we left I only played one game: Dead of Winter.

The week we were in Indiana, however, was filled with some favorites: Splendor, Jaipur, Adventure Time Love LetterThe Grizzled, and Fluxx w/ Fluxx Dice.

This past week was all about the new games: Thunder Alley, Tiny Epic Galaxies… and, of course, the long awaited Pandemic Legacy.

Dead of Winter

Believe it or not, up until October 1, 2015 I had never in my life played Dead of Winter. Shocking, I know.

Dead of Winter is an incredibly popular zombie-themed, semi-cooperative game. In fact, it won the #2 spot on The Dice Tower’s 2015 People Choice Top 100 Games of All Time.

I finally had the chance to play with Mark and Randy, and for a first impression? I definitely liked it. I don’t know that I’m at the “super duper love” level that so many others feel about the game, but I’d definitely play again and think it could be great fun with the right group of people.

We did have the opportunity to play using the upcoming Crossroads App, and I’m really looking forward to its release.

You might like Dead of Winter…

  • If you like zombie themes.
  • If you like games with a traitor element to them.
  • If you’re into games with fantastic artwork + production quality (Plaid Hat Games is always top notch).

dead-of-winter-nanoanno dead-of-winter-crossroads-app-nanoanno


Friday afternoon in Indiana, my mom and I went to their local game shop, The Gaming Guild. I wanted to introduce her to some new games, so we started with Splendor.

I thought she would like the colors of the gems and the gem chips, as well as the strategy involved in gaining points and building up your gem collection. And I wasn’t wrong:

Of the three games, I liked this the best as far as strategy and thinking through how to get the maximum number of points. What’s fun is that you have 12 cards you’re going for all the time plus the three nobles on the top – so you’re always looking for strategies and how to build up your points. It’s more your own control and less chance. You can plan ahead, but there is still the other player that can change things.

Kathy Osburn

Not only did she love the game… she beat me in both games we played.

You might like Splendor…

  • If you like games with less chance/luck.
  • If you like the idea of building up points over time.
  • If you’re looking for a game that’s easy to teach and jump into pretty quickly.



The second game we played was Jaipur. I wanted to carry on the theme of gems and chips and bright colors, ya know?

Of the three games we played, this was my least favorite, but maybe just because I need to play it more and figure out a strategy… it’s also the only one I lost. But, that’s kind of like saying “We’re going to play Monopoly, Risk, and Ticket to Ride? Which ones is your least favorite?” Well, I like them all.

Kathy Osburn

In Jaipur, you’re collecting and exchanging goods (rubies, gold, silver, cloth, spices, and leather), hoping to become the Maharaja’s personal trader. You have camels to assist you throughout the game, but you need to make wise choices as for when to make your trades. Whoever makes the best trades and ends up with the most money, wins the game and the right to be the Maharaja’s trader.

You might like Jaipur…

  • If you like two player games.
  • If you like games with a good mix of strategy and luck.
  • If you you’re looking for a smaller, super pretty, colorful game.


Adventure Time: Love Letter

Our third game of the afternoon was Adventure Time Love Letter. My mom had learned Love Letter the last time I was in town, but I just got the Adventure Time version right before we flew to Indiana, so I was itching to get it to the table.

There were a few new rules introduced in this version, as is the case with most of their other variants – new little tweaks to the rules that fit the new theme.

For example, if you get Finn and Jake together, the best buds, then you win right then and there. Mathematical!

We played 13 rounds, until all of the gems were divided up. My mom won by just one gem.

It’s a quick game when you need one to fill in the extra time – quick and easy to learn and quick and easy to play.

Kathy Osburn

You might like Adventure Time Love Letter…

  • If you like the original game of Love Letter and you like Adventure Time.
  • If you like you’re looking for a quick and tiny game (only 16 cards!).
  • If you like collecting all of the versions of Love Letter or all Adventure Time games.



The Grizzled

You know those people and places that just feel like home? Where there’s a comfort and familiarity and everything in the world just feels right? That would be my friend Marie’s parent’s house. The two of us have so many great memories playing games over coffee and tea. Neither of us live in Evansville anymore, but Saturday morning we had the opportunity to spend a few hours together at The Oatess house.

The coffee was brewing and the air was cool and crisp with smells of fall. We sat on the porch with blankets over our laps and warm mugs in hand. We’re both pretty into art, so I was excited to introduce her to The Grizzled.



I loved the artwork on Grizzled! It was an easy game to learn and a great two player game.

Marie Harris

In addition to playing The Grizzled with Marie, Jacob and I played a couple rounds on our flight back to Colorado. Not many games are fit for airplane tray tables, but we managed to make it work for The Grizzled.


You might like The Grizzled…

  • If you like cooperative games.
  • If you like games with incredible illustration and design.
  • If you like card games with depth and challenge to them.

Fluxx w/ Fluxx Dice

What do you do when you have an eight hour layover at the Dallas airport with two friends? Teach them to play Fluxx, of course :)

If this is the first post you’re reading, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I really like Fluxx… and I especially like it with the Fluxx Dice expansion (read those two links for the full reviews).

Just like when were kids, we piled our luggage together and sat on the floor to play a game.

You might like Fluxx…

  • If you like card games.
  • If you like games with almost zero predictability, where the rules always change.
  • If you like card games that come in many different versions/themes.


Thunder Alley

Wednesday and/or Thursday after work is typically game night for Boardgame Corner. Finally back in town, we met at The Haunted Game Cafe.

One of our friends, Mo, brought the game Thunder Alley. I’d never heard of it, and to be honest, didn’t have much desire to play after looking at the box cover. But, I learned my lesson about judging games by their covers with Spector Ops, so I gave it a try.


We played one game with six players and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

A lot of racing games are driven (no pun intended) by dice and other elements of luck. This game, however, is purely card driven… but that doesn’t mean everything is in your control. In fact, one of the things I enjoyed most about the game is that the choices of other players have a huge impact on your individual race cars. And while I’m not into racing in real life, I’m told that this is very appropriate for the theme and how cars generally move around racetracks.

You might like Thunder Alley…

  • If race cars are your thing.
  • If you like racing games (regardless of theme).
  • If you’re looking for a racing game that isn’t driven by the luck of your dice roll.


Tiny Epic Galaxies

My next review with Boardgame Corner will be of Tiny Epic Galaxies, a Kickstarter game by Gamelyn Games. It’s the third in the Tiny Epic series and thus far it’s been getting a lot of love.

Amazing amount of game in the tiny box. Best of the series so far!!

Mark Streed

The goal of the game is to get the most victory points. You do this by landing your space ships on planets and orbiting around them. You’re balancing energy and culture as you try to level up the number of space ships in your fleet and the number of dice you roll each turn. We played two games this weekend, and I’m definitely digging it so far.

You might like Tiny Epic Galaxies…

  • If you like games that come in tiny boxes yet still pack a lot of punch.
  • If you enjoy the theme of space travel and exploration.
  • If you like games are in that sweet spot right in between a short little filler and a long big box game.



Pandemic Legacy

Speaking of new games that have been getting a lot of love… Pandemic Legacy is finally out! And YOU GUYS! It is absolutely everything I was hoping it would be (at least so far).

Jacob and I just finished the month of August. We’ve won eight games and lost two. The month of May was incredibly brutal for us with back to back losses.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers here, but I will say that as the game has progressed and things have changed, I’ve found myself looking forward to the next game even more.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pandemic Legacy or what a Legacy style game is, I’ll have some posts in the near future (both with and without spoilers) that unpack all of the details, so keep an eye out for those or sign-up for the email list to be the first to know when they’re posted.

You might like Pandemic Legacy…

  • If you like the original game of Pandemic (especially if you like the expansions).
  • If you like Legacy style games, where a story is told over multiple games and choices you make in one game carrying into future games.
  • If you want a game that gives you little presents and surprises as you play. It’s basically a board game in advent calendar form. Every game is like your birthday or Christmas, opening up secret doors and packages and turning over new cards.


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