Game of the Month: October 2015

October Game of the Month
Hey guys! Welcome to a brand new series here on nanoanno :)

Well, technically, this series has been going on for a while over on the Dice Tower, but this is my first month to join in on the action.

Here’s the deal: Once a month, various contributors of the Dice Tower all collaborate on a video letting the world know which game is their Best Game of the Month. Each segment is one minute or less, so you end up with a quick snapshot of several excellent games.

So, which game did I pick for my first game of the month?

Pandemic Legacy


If you couldn’t tell from the recent Weekly Replays, I played through the entire game of Pandemic Legacy in the month of October. Actually, I played through it over the course of about 10 consecutive days in October.

Because I love this game.

Because I could not get enough of it.

At the end of every game, I was ready to jump right in and play the next. In fact, if it weren’t for work and sleep, I probably would have played every game back to back.

Check out the full video to see everyone else’s picks. My segment starts at 3:07. Cheers!

PS: What was your game of the month? Leave a note in the comments letting me know which game you’d pick and why.

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