Game of the Month: November 2015

October Game of the Month
November was a great month for gaming, mainly because it included the Extra Life event. So much gaming with so many friends.

One game I played, however, stood out above the rest. It’s right up my alley, being a 2-player game with great artwork. And that game is…




This game had kind of flown under the radar for me. When it came out this summer, I thought it sounded/looked interesting – I love tea and it had nice box art, but for some reason I passed it over and soon forgot about it.

After stumbling across a couple reviews of the game, I quickly realized I needed this game in my life ASAP. So I used some Amazon points and picked it up (it’s currently just under $14).

I played it for the firs time during Extra Life. It’s a pretty quick game, so we were able to get two rounds in between dinner and the start of our next big game. And I feel in love. It’s got all of the good feelings of Lost Cities and Love Letter – two of my favorite games. So it was definitely a winner.

Grail Games is doing some great things in the small game space. And that’s why I’m happy to pick Matcha as my game of the month.

Unfortunately, because I was traveling a lot in November, I wasn’t able to record a segment for Blender’s Best of the Month. But you can still watch the video here to see what everyone else picked for November:

PS: What was your game of the month? Leave a note in the comments letting me know which game you’d pick and why.

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