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It’s been over a year since this blog saw a new post. In a way it feels like yesterday when I was writing my last review. I still remember sitting at Harbinger Coffee, my favorite shop here in town, finishing up and hitting publish on that post.

That was the middle of January…

At the end of January… I got a call saying I was going to be losing my job.

Six weeks later… my husband lost his job.

Six weeks after that… we found out we were pregnant.

There’s a quote I have loved for many years and held onto in seasons of transition:

An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.

G.K. Chesterton

2016 kicked off with some pretty big inconveniences – most definitely not timing we would have planned ourselves. But in the end it all worked out. I started my own business. My husband found a job working at a company he loves. And right before the end of the year, we brought this adorable tiny human into the world.

William Elliott Pohl – 12/20/2016 6:48 am – 7 lb. 15 oz. 21 in.

While I certainly didn’t play as many board games in 2016 as I did in 2015, there were still many games played and great adventures were had. Here’s a quick recap of my year via Twitter.

January 2016

I finished my second play through of Pandemic Legacy: Season One with Mark, Randy, and friends. It was incredibly fun, even without the “surprises” the second time through.

February 2016

Tim Fowers came into town and we played Burgle Bros. with a custom wooden tower and fancy flashing lights. If you haven’t played Burgle Bros. and you enjoy co-ops – definitely give this one a shot!

March 2016

I discovered the magic of an app called Blackbox. It’s not a board game, but holy crap it’s so puzzly and so FUN.

I dove into the world of LCGs (Living Card Games) for the first time. I’m still playing and still building decks and still have ZERO idea how to play with a strategy. But hey, it’s fun :)

April 2016

We celebrated International Table Top Day at Dungeons & Drafts with Onitama, Apotheca, and Fuse.

May 2016

I was able to attend one day of Heavy Con and had an absolute blast playing games that are a little more intense than my norm. We played Keyflower, Concordia, Oh My Goods, Joraku, and, of course, The Climbers. Heavy Con is a top notch con, by the way. If you’re into heavier games, this one is not to be missed.

June 2016


I painted my first mini and…

we told the world that we landed on the baby space!

The whole Boardgame Corner team attended Denver Comic Con and had a blast representing board games. (I also got an 11″ by 17″ Artist’s Proof of Issue #1 of The Walking Dead and Tony Moore was there to sign it.)

July 2016


We moved in April… so I added a new self and updated my shelfie.

Pokémon Go was released and MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS CAME TRUE. Seriously, this game is everything the 9 year old version of myself could have hoped for. Collecting and trading cards? Battling and winning pins at Books-A-Million? Pokémon Go is all of this IN REAL LIFE.

August 2016

We made a last minute decision to drive back to Indiana with our good friend Ben for GenCon! It was a blast and I loved seeing old friends and meeting new friends from The Dice Tower, Brawling Brothers, Shut Up & Sit Down, and The Daily Worker Placement.

September 2016

We played a TON of games that we picked up at GenCon. Spoiler alert: Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu was hands down my favorite. (And I don’t even like Cthulhu.)

October 2016

We attended B-Con in Denver and had a blast hanging with Mike Fitzgerald, Chris Taylor, and Sean Brown.

For Halloween, I dressed the little dude as a Pokéball and made an Ash cosplay for the hubs <3

November 2016

We celebrated Extra Life with our fellow Colorado Gamers at the Haunted Game Cafe. Definitely the highlight of gaming in 2016 for me.

December 2016

Boardgame Corner recorded a video of our Top 16 Games of 2016. (Full post on this coming soon.)

In 2016, I played many, many games to pass the time leading up to this little guy’s arrival. Hands down, this was the best day of the year :)

So, what’s in store for 2017?

So far I’ve only had 3 game days in 2017. That’s right… two months and only three days of gaming. (But I do get baby snuggles every day, so don’t feel too bad for me!) I’ve come to realize that while board games are still and will always be a passion of mine, right now they’re just not the highest thing on my priority list.

That said, I don’t want to completely abandon this blog altogether. Here are my goals:

  • Monthly Replays: I realize that a Weekly Replay is total overkill for this stage of my life. So many weeks would be completely radio silent. But a monthly recap? That should be doable. I expect I’ll be playing at least one game every month :)
  • Game Fest: As of right now, Game Fest in Denver is the only Con on my “for sure attending” list. I plan to write up a full recap once I return.
  • Heavy Con: While I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to attend every day of Heavy Con with a 5 month old baby, I’m really crossing my fingers to at least make it down for one day.
  • Reviews: From time to time I will be recording video reviews with Boardgame Corner. Whenever this happens, I’d love to accompany it with a full written review as well.

If you want to follow along with more of the day-to-day gaming, be sure to follow me on Twitter or Instagram. (Bonus: you can see some pretty cute pics of my tiny human.)

2016 was a great year and I have the feeling 2017 will be as well… whatever “adventures” are thrown my way.

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