About Ann

Hi! I’m Ann :)Ann Pohl-01

And I really, really like board games.

(I also like my husband and our two black cats, but more on that later.)

Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you found it. Now that you’re here, I hope you learn some new things about board games. Because not only do I love playing board games, but I especially love introducing them to others. That’s why I’m here – to help you find the next board game that you’ll love.

Follow along as I play new games. I’ll be sharing weekly replays as well as written and video reviews. From time to time you’ll also see personal thoughts and convention coverage.

 About Ann

  • I’m married to Jacob Pohl. He’s the one I play most games with :)
  • My favorite/most played games include Carcassonne, Pandemic, Fluxx, and Lost Cities.
  • I’m a part of Boardgame Corner, which is a part of the Dice Tower network.
  • I’ll play any type of game at least once!
  • I’m not into Magic: The Gathering or D&D, but I did play (and obsessively collect) Pokémon as a kid.
  • (I also gave my entire Pokémon collection to the two boys who were our ring bearers in our wedding. It was 100% a Toy Story 3 moment. And I don’t regret it one bit.)
  • My favorite color is orange and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado.
  • I’m an email geek and ingenuity expert at Mack Web.
  • I have two black cats, Siri & Soot, who think they are the most important thing in the whole world (even more than board games).


What does nanoanno mean?

I’m named after my great aunt, Ann Quirey. When I was born, my family called me “little Ann” and my aunt “big Ann”. It’s actually pretty funny now because I ended up 5’9″ and my aunt is only 5’1”… All that to say, my family also used initials to reference which Ann they were referring to. My aunt was Ann Q. and I was Ann O. (from my maiden name, Osburn). Over time, Ann O. (aka: anno) became the name most of my family and friends called me. One day a good friend changed little Ann O. into nano Ann O. (nanoanno) and the name stuck. Here were are 10+ years later and it’s still my digital identity.

Feel free to call me Ann or anno or nanoano, whichever you’d prefer.