GenCon 2015

Holy GenCon moly

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s my story of how #GenCon2015 went down.

A happy accident

For months and months I had talked to my husband, Jacob, about attending GenCon. It’s the biggest State-side convention for the board gaming hobby (second only to Essen, in Germany). I knew it was pretty much a pipe dream considering our anniversary was the following weekend and we already had a trip planned to celebrate that. Oh, and GenCon is in Indianapolis, Indiana – over a thousand miles from where we live in Colorado. So there’s that too.

As much as I day-dreamed about attending and how much fun it would be to be one person in a sea of over 60,000 game loving friends, I knew in my head it wasn’t going to happen, at least this year. Until, that is, I made an unexpected trip home for some family things the week before GenCon. Not knowing what the coming days would hold, I booked a one way ticket to Evansville, Indiana (only a few hours south of our state’s capital).

I took things one day at a time and made the call on Friday night to drive up to Indy and purchase a one-day pass for Saturday.

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