Fluxx Dice: Written Review

Last week I published a written review of Fluxx, one of my most favorite card games. This week I want to take a look at an expansion for FluxxFluxx Dice. How do you take an already awesome game and make it even better? Is it possible? Did they do it?


Fluxx Dice is an expansion that is compatible with the base game of Fluxx as well as every other version currently in print (except Fluxx The Board Game). The expansion comes with two dice and five cards. It doesn’t sound like much, but these tiny tweaks to the game can have a huge impact on the game play.

Fluxx Dice was designed by Andrew Looney and published by Looney Labs.

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Fluxx: Written Review

Sooner or later I will put together my top 10 or top 100 games of all time list. But until then, just trust me when I say that Fluxx is most certainly on that list. Where exactly on that list it would fall is TBD, but I can guarantee you it will be on there somewhere :)


Fluxx is an ever-changing card game for two to six players that can be played in as quickly as two to three minutes or 10x as long (and sometimes even longer still). On your turn you read the cards and do what they say. That’s pretty much the game in a nutshell.

Fluxx was designed by Andrew Looney and published by Looney Labs.

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Steampunk Rally: Written & Video Review

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to play and review the game Steampunk Rally. At first first glance, I didn’t think much of the game. However, after playing it, I was so pleasantly surprised! That’s why I thought it would be an absolute perfect fit for my first written review on the blog.


Steampunk Rally is a competitive racing game for two to eight players. The game utilizes lots of simultaneous play and a unique dice-placement mechanism. Players are creating steampunk contraptions in a race through the Swiss Alps, using steam, heat, and electricity to power inventions they are building throughout the game.

Steampunk Rally was designed by Orin Bishop of Roxley Game Laboratory and funded on Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Preview: GemPacked Cards

Kickstarter has been an amazing asset for the board game world. It’s allowed independent game designers the opportunity to see their game ideas make it all the way to production and distribution.

A little background on Kickstarter

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s basically digital crowdfunding for creative projects. Artists create a campaign around a certain creative endeavor they’re looking to fund. They set a goal of how much money they would like to raise over a specific amount of days. As the campaign runs, individuals can choose to “back” the campaign, by pledging various amounts of money, which typically come with rewards or incentives for backing at specific given amounts. If the total goal of the campaign is met, all pledges are paid, the creative project goes into development, and the backers await their rewards. There are all sorts of projects Kickstarter, from comics to films, technology to food, and of course… board games.

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GenCon 2015

Holy GenCon moly

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s my story of how #GenCon2015 went down.

A happy accident

For months and months I had talked to my husband, Jacob, about attending GenCon. It’s the biggest State-side convention for the board gaming hobby (second only to Essen, in Germany). I knew it was pretty much a pipe dream considering our anniversary was the following weekend and we already had a trip planned to celebrate that. Oh, and GenCon is in Indianapolis, Indiana – over a thousand miles from where we live in Colorado. So there’s that too.

As much as I day-dreamed about attending and how much fun it would be to be one person in a sea of over 60,000 game loving friends, I knew in my head it wasn’t going to happen, at least this year. Until, that is, I made an unexpected trip home for some family things the week before GenCon. Not knowing what the coming days would hold, I booked a one way ticket to Evansville, Indiana (only a few hours south of our state’s capital).

I took things one day at a time and made the call on Friday night to drive up to Indy and purchase a one-day pass for Saturday.

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Growing up with Games

Growing up

Games were common in our home. On my mom’s side of the family, everyone is pretty big into playing games – board games, card games, dice games, you name it. So most of our holidays and family gatherings ended with all of us sitting around the table playing a game of some sort.

Traditional games for families and kids

Monopoly, Clue, Life… my brother and I played all these games time and again. No matter what game we played, he was always green and I was always blue. And we typically had a blast. This is certainly one of my fondest childhood memories. However, we generally stuck with these popular, kid-friendly games. Until, one day, my uncle introduced us to something new.

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Don’t Judge a Board Game by its Cover

Visual Rhetoric

In college, I studied communication and art. One of my favorite classes was Visual Rhetoric, where we dissected how visual images communicate and persuade.

Judging books by their cover was my job that semester. Whether it was an actual book, a print advertisement, a photograph, or the overall design of a space, we were seeing and analyzing all semester long. And it’s certainly something that has stuck with me.

New friends

Recently my husband and I met a few new game friends and these friends happen to be a part of a YouTube channel where they review board games. The past few Wednesday evenings we have met up to test out a few new games they’re in the process of reviewing.

Since I love learning to play new games, I was happy to help (and volunteer my husband in the process). It all started with Ophir, a game I actually won in a contest they were running. After that we played Lift Off, a fun game where you’re trying to save little aliens from a planet that is about to explode.

Enter: Specter Ops

When Mark, one of my new friends, mentioned we’d be playing Specter Ops this past Wednesday, I can’t say I was overly excited.

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